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When you purchase your copy of this terrific book you will be able you will be able to join John, Gill and the vets and volunteers as they tirelessly work to save the unwanted, unloved dogs of Phuket. You will befriend Sanea a young Thai boy who works with the team of dog catchers and vets and learns all about the street dogs as well as how to live his life meaningfully as he journeys through these pages. At times poignantly sad, and at others hilariously funny, the team battle diseases, rampaging monkeys and even the tsunami in their efforts to provide a safe place for the stray dogs and cats. Based on a true story with many real and revealing situations, you will come to love the characters of canines such as three legged Milo, Snouser, the Sgt. Major and a very wicked Black and Tan Doberman who is hopelessly out of place on the island of Phuket. This is a book for children but also for anyone who cares about the street dogs and cats as they battle for their very existence on an island paradise. Any adult who cares about animal welfare will want to read this book. The best thing is, every time you buy a book, every cent that the Soi Dog Foundation makes from the sale, will go into a fund to prevent and treat distemper. The author Don Cronk is best know for his Billabong Valley series for younger children and also for his tireless efforts to encouraging creative writing with young people.

Don carried the expenses to produce the book, and generously donated every cent of profit to the Soi Dog Foundation.

At only $19.99 plus postage and packaging this quality book is a bargain, so why not buy a copy for yourself, for any children

you know, for the school library, for your neighbours, and even great Aunt Agatha.

If you're looking for a website that tells you the truth about writing and its pitfalls. If you want an honest look at what other websites are REALLY offering (for example: The following is a statement from another website. "We make your book available FOR ORDER in the following places.")

FOR ORDER doesn't mean they place it on the book shelf. It means your book is listed on their website in hopes that a book store will browse a list of books printed by said company. Why would a book store take the time to browse for more books when they are already inundated with books from sales reps?

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